Why choose Costa Rica to Outsource your web projects?


Costa Rica is one of the most important places to outsource IT projects for US and Canadian companies. Here we present some facts in order to explain why there are so many outsourcing success stories in Costa Rica.

Strategic Location.
Costa Rica is a 3 hours flight from Houston, Texas. It is easy and affordable to meet your team in person as needed.

Time Zone.
Costa Rica is in the Central Time Zone, so companies like IGDonline are working while you are, eliminating the need for late nights and early mornings. Our teams communicate with their US counterparts using instant messaging, phone or other tools.

Highly educated and skilled labor force.
Costa Rica enjoys over a 95% literacy rate. Multiple technical schools and universities prepare professionals with the highest international standards and produce a stable, solid work force. IGDonline is able to locate and hire top technical talent for your team.

Bilingual workforce.
English is the second language in Costa Rica. IGDonline mostly hires bilingual professionals with excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Cultural affinity.
Influence from the United States is evident in the culture of Costa Rica; a large segment of the population is from the United States.

Work Environment.
As the country is politically and economically stable, your teams work in an environment similar to that in the United States enjoying the full benefits of freedom of expression. This creates an innovative and creative work force.

Reliable energy mostly from renewable sources.
93% of energy is renewable; electricity costs are low and guaranteed. Redundant telecommunications access. Costa Rica is of the top 5 environmental performers in the world.

Greater value.
The Place. The People. The Opportunities. Low costs, high productivity, ease of communication, and proximity to the US all combine to make working with IGDonline a seamless experience.

Facts about Costa Rica
Costa Rica is an ideal location for near shore outsourcing given the resources, proximity, and stability in the country. Key differentiators of Costa Rica over traditional offshore services:

– Language and Cultural compatibility
– Central Time Zone
– Availability and stability of physical infrastructure
– Political stability
– Proximity to US allows for cost and time effective travel

Why invest in Costa Rica?*

– Currently, more than 200 multinational companies are operating in Costa Rica.
– Exceptionally talented and bilingual young workforce. On average 95% of the employees in multinational companies are local.
– Preferential access platform to 1/3 of the world’s population, and 2/3 of worldwide GDP. 90% of goods exports through free trade agreements.
– Excellent business climate based on a renowned democratic tradition, economic and political stability.
– 93% of energy is renewable; electricity costs are low and guaranteed. Redundant telecommunications access.
– Quality of life in Costa Rica is high. Safest country in Latin America; and one of the top 5 environmental performers.
– The country´s time zone coincides with the U.S. Central Standard Time Zone (GMT -6)
– It is geographically well situated in the middle of the Americas and can be reached easily from most U.S. cities.

*Source: Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE) – www.cinde.org

Some facts about Costa Rica:

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